Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


NEW: Welcome screens for new users
messenger welcome
Contacts using Messenger Desktop for the first time will now see a polished welcome screen - featuring their MSPs name and branding - that gives more context behind Chat and how to use it.
Bug fixes
  • Contacts using Messenger Desktop while logged out will no longer be asked to submit their email address in a repeating loop.
  • Contacts using Messenger Desktop will no longer see an empty placeholder for the application icon in the Windows Taskbar or Mac Dock in certain scenarios.
NEW: Redesigned Notifications
We've redesigned notifications to power a real-time, multi-player inbox experience. Track the most important alerts with the latest notification upgrade:
React to @mentions and assignments in real-time
: Receive push notifications, badges, and audio alerts when a teammate @mentions you or assigns you as the owner, making it easier to coordinate and collaborate instantly.
Track changes while offline
: You'll now see unread badges next to threads and channels with new activity, letting you keep tabs on any changes while you were offline. Opening up an unread thread marks it as 'read'.
Personalize for your role
: Choose from four channel-specific settings to adjust how broadly or narrowly you'd like to be alerted. Click the ellipsis icon (•••) next to each channel to personalize.
  • All
    : Best for Dispatchers and Service Managers who respond to and dispatch all new threads.
  • Owner
    : Useful for technicians who prefer alerts around assigned threads and collaborations with teammates.
  • Mentions
    : Useful for managers and teammates who provide support for technicians.
  • Off
    : Notifications are muted.
Other upgrades include
  • No more "double notifications" for threads that live in multiple channels;
  • Simpler channel layout, and
  • Ability to mute individual threads
We’ve long heard from Partners that some notifications can feel noisy while others feel surprisingly underrepresented. The latest update helps power a modern, real-time experience for you and your team.
NEW: Manually Re-Sync PSA Integration
Ever made a change in your PSA that didn’t seem to carry over to Thread? We’ve been there a few times.
Admins can now manually re-sync their PSA integration with Thread via the Admin Center. This makes it easy for Service Managers to ensure that their workspace reflects the latest changes to their PSA’s contacts, members, agreements, and SLAs.
We noticed how frequently Partners would reach out to us asking for resync help. This update aims to make it easier for you to self-resolve PSA sync issues without requiring Thread Support (although we’ll always be there for you).
Admins can manually re-sync Thread with their PSA by navigating to Admin > Integrations > PSA > PSA Sync sub-tab and clicking any of the Sync Now options.
NEW: Build Flows using “Is Blank” and “Is Not Blank” Operators
Is blank
Admins can now build flows using the well-embraced “Is blank” and “is not blank” operators, making it easy to design channels based on whether threads have no owners, lack assignments or sites, have at least one resource, or have a characteristic that’s best represented in “something or nothing” terms.
For example, a common use case we’ve seen that utilizes these operators is to build an “Unassigned threads” channel where the “Owner” field is set to “Is blank” followed by an “Assigned threads” channel where “Owner” is set to “Is not blank”. This helps Service Managers more easily find ownership for newly created threads without navigating across many channels.
Let us know how you’re using the new “Is Blank” and “Is not Blank” operators!
NEW: Customize Time Zones in Flows
Representing one of our most requested features, Admins can now set the time zone for a Flow within the Admin Center, enabling them to more effectively design Channels and Flows around custom office hours and other non-standard activities that are common during the holiday season.
Without the ability to customize time zones, we’ve found that Admins who manage activities outside of Eastern Standard Time - the default time for Thread - find that their holiday flows aren’t quite matching their designs. This update solves this head-on.
Inbox Companion Apps
Installation Improvements
We’ve long heard from Admins that the process of setting up Inbox’s Slack or Teams Companion Apps can be a bit confusing. In this release, we solved a collection of smaller updates that combine to simplify the process for Admins. In this update, the Installation Wizard:
  • No longer displays unnecessary or confusing instructions in the Installation;
  • References up-to-date helper visuals and support documentation links to better match the current installation steps,
  • Supports a new “Do this later” button throughout the installation journey to help Admins defer the process to a later time if needed,
  • Displays a new "see full instructions" step after an Admin grants permissions during the Microsoft Teams installation process to better reflect the required next steps,
  • Includes a "continue installation" breadcrumb in the Admin > Integrations page if the "Do this later" button is selected at any point, and
  • Redirects users to the Admin > Integration page to show a successful installation once the process has been completed.
Update: Agreements in Real-Time
Inbox now updates instantly when a user changes which agreement or contract is tied to a thread from either Inbox or the PSA, making it easy for Inbox users to track their work correctly, avoid conflicting edits, and correctly bill users for the work accomplished.
Update: CoPilot Audit Trails
Actions taken by CoPilot Auto-Prioritization and Auto-Categorization, Thread’s AI assistant, are now logged to the PSA as internal notes. This makes it easier for PSA users to audit when CoPilot adjusts the Priority or Category fields and to better understand the context behind that change.
Bug fixes and smaller improvements
  • Improved Notification Consistency:
    Mentions about teammate assignments sent in the Slack and Teams Inbox companion apps now follow the notification preference set from the Admin > Members page. This ensures more consistent notification logic and better helps Inbox users manage their notification preferences from a single toggle option.
  • Refined Notification Exclusions:
    Inbox Members who are set to “pending” or “deleted” will no longer receive notifications about threads via the Slack and Teams Inbox Companion Apps.
  • Enhanced Display of
    Work Role
    Work Type
    in TimePad:
    TimePad now reliably displays the current
    Work Role
    Work Type
    values associated with a PSA ticket. This update makes it much easier for technicians to submit entries that match the ticket settings instead of the default values for the technician’s user setting in the PSA.
  • Customizable
    no longer automatically expands into the full-height TimePad view when Inbox users respond to a thread. However, this is customizable! You can adjust this setting and automatically open TimePad by default by navigating to Inbox Preferences > General and toggle the setting “Open TimePad when I start the timer” to ON.
  • Prevention of Sidebar Collapse:
    Inbox’s left-side channels sidebar no longer inadvertently collapses out of view when
    expands into view.
  • Agreement improvement:
    Inbox no longer inadvertently removes an agreement from a thread in certain scenarios when a TimePad entry is submitted.
  • Correct Display in Slack and Teams Companion Apps:
    The Slack and Teams Companion Apps for Inbox now reliably display correct, non-empty details within Adaptive Cards details for Autotask PSA users.
  • Functional IT Glue Integration:
    Thread’s IT Glue integration for Autotask PSA Partners now works as expected within Inbox, enabling Inbox users to view configurations for a thread based on content managed within their IT Glue account.
  • Improved CoPilot Auto-Prioritization:
    CoPilot Auto-Prioritization is now less likely to escalate lower-priority threads when they originate from Messenger sources.
  • Bug Fix for Inactive Company Records:
    Users who interact with “inactive” company records in Thread are less likely to encounter an unexpected bug.
  • Consistent Flow Execution:
    Flows that include the PSA > Set Board Action command will now work more consistently and with fewer unexpected fail scenarios for ConnectWise PSA accounts.
  • Improved Contact Configuration Handling:
    Inbox users who remove a contact’s configuration settings are less likely to see a failure error if they attempt to remove it more than once in quick succession.
  • Enhanced CoPilot Product Development:
    CoPilot products have been updated behind the scenes to be easier and faster to build upon, helping us build even more compelling AI products faster.
New: Ignore rules in CoPilot Auto-Pri
ignore prompt
Fueled by strong customer demand, Partners can now ignore preset prompts for CoPilot Auto-Categorization. This makes it easier for Partners to auto-magically prioritize incoming threads without having to perfectly match Thread's standardized definitions.
[A pro tip: We recommend that Partners create a "catch-all" Custom Rule as a way to help avoid overly creative priority scores when an Impact-specific prompt is ignored]
Improved: Change Agreements, Flows with Agreements, and real-time updates
This update includes multiple "fast follow" updates to last week's Agreements release:
  1. Edit the Agreement in Inbox
    : Technicians can now view all agreements associated with a given thread and change it as needed. This comes off the heel of last week's update "read only" Agreements launch and unlocks full edit capabilities for a technician..
  2. Agreements in Flows
    : Admins can now build flows using Agreement or Contract as a field type. This makes it easy to design Channels and create custom logic based on the agreements associated with a thread.
  3. Real-time data
    : Agreements are now updated in real-time right in Inbox! This means you can stay on top of changes, track progress, and manage everything seamlessly without any delay.
Bug Fixes and Minor Updates
  • Improved CoPilot Auto-Categorization:
    CoPilot Auto-Categorization is now far less likely to 'hallucinate' and creatively describe nonexistent "sub-type" and "item" categories for a thread when values for those fields don't exist for a "Type." This makes CoPilot Auto-Categorization far more trustworthy to use, particularly when pressure-testing rules settings via the CoPilot emulator in Admin.
  • Enhanced CoPilot Auto-Prioritization:
    CoPilot Auto-Prioritization is now less likely to escalate issues around broken computers and related topics into a higher-priority P1 issue.
  • TimePad Magic🪄:
    Adding a touch of magic to your day, the TimePad card now expands and collapses with delightful transitions, contributing to Inbox feeling polished and responsive.
  • Improved Composer Action Buttons in Inbox:
    Inbox's Composer action buttons now collapse under a "More" button for users who shrink their browser or are using Inbox from a smaller screen. This improvement makes it easier to write messages from a larger host of devices.
  • Advanced Recognition for Ask CoPilot:
    Ask CoPilot now recognizes system messages, including those from vendors like Auvik, when analyzing a thread's chat history. This improvement makes CoPilot significantly more accurate at understanding conversation context, particularly for alert-style threads.
  • Reliable Execution of Flow Actions:
    Flow Actions now execute more reliably and with fewer "timeout" instances.
  • Expanded Understanding for CoPilot Auto-Prioritization:
    CoPilot Auto-Prioritization now understands branches and warehouses! CoPilot is now less likely to "escalate" threads as a company-wide issue when it relates to branches, warehouses, and other types of "sub-organization" entities.
NEW: View Agreements and Contracts in Inbox 🎉
Since the beginning of Thread, Partners have been vocal about the importance of Agreements. Problem, meet solution.
Inbox users can now view the Agreement or Contract tied to a thread within Inbox! This update makes it easy for techs and Service Managers to design their response and resolution approach to match the service contract with that customer.
To get started, open a thread within Inbox and expand the PSA Actions card in the right sidebar.
This update is available for all PSA Integration partners.
Permissions change required for CW Partners
: ConnectWise users must have the correct permissions in place for their API User to access real-time Agreements details. Follow these instructions to become fully enabled.
Work Roles
Work Types
for Autotask
work role type
Autotask PSA integration Partners can now edit the
Work Role
Work Type
values associated with TimePad time entries, enabling technicians to more accurately log the nature of their service and bill for the value they're creating. This makes it significantly easier for technicians to remain in Inbox and for Service Managers to ensure that time entries require far fewer edits after they've been submitted.
for Autotask PSA users
Autotask PSA integration Partners can now view and edit the location or "site" of a given thread, helping technicians provide faster and more deliberate service for customers whose business operates in multiple locations. This is one of our most requested features from Autotask customers, and it makes sense: Sites help technicians build important context around how they'll "work a thread", particularly when the resolution has a physical element to it (ex: sending a computer, traveling on-site).
Improvement: Smart Time Entries
TimePad's Manual Time Entry Tool is now smarter and faster 🧠💨. Inbox users can now set their total time worked on a thread through a simple editor without setting a start and stop time range. To use, tab or click on the input at the top-left of TimePad, type the estimated time worked, and hit enter - TimePad will handle the rest.
  • Round up in 15-minute blocks
    : Tap the Up Arrow key to round time to the nearest fifteen-minute increment and Down Arrow to round down by fifteen minutes. We know that many techs budget their time in quarter-hour blocks; TimePad better supports this shorthand.
  • Edit in minutes, not in seconds
    : When you type "115", Timepad recognizes that it should mean 1 hour and 15 minutes, not seconds.
Bug Fixes and Minor Updates
  • Enhanced
    My Drafts
    View in Inbox:
    My Drafts
    view in Inbox now correctly displays the Active and Done tabs, enabling Inbox users to filter threads with previously typed composer content by their completion status.
  • Consistent Display of
    After Hours
    Banner in Messenger:
    The After Hours banner in Messenger is now consistently displayed or removed in lockstep with the Admin settings without any time delay.
  • Improved Slash Command Navigation in Inbox:
    Inbox users navigating slash commands via the composer can now select the highlighted option by tapping the
    key. This subtle update brings Thread closer to patterns used in collaboration tools like Slack and Teams.
NEW: Quick TimePad submissions from the collapsed sidebar card
You can now quickly save time entries from the Inbox sidebar without having to open the expanded and full-height TimePad view. This makes it simple to write time entries quickly and move on to the next thread, particularly for techs who don't need to customize fields like "Work Role" or review previously submitted time entries.
This is easily our most requested ask since launching our redesigned Inbox - thank you for the feedback! TimePad is getting smarter and less intrusive 💪.
Improvement: Support for Snippets in TimePad Cards
The collapsed and expanded TimePad cards now support the Snippets action command by typing the
character in the TimePad composer.
Improvement: Sticky Filters
Channel Filter selections in Inbox are now "sticky" and remain applied as you navigate across different channels. Multi-tasking and busy Inbox users, we see you!
This is a great example of a "small ask" with a large degree of demand. Since filter settings would previously reset every time an Inbox user opened up a different channel, we've learned that fast-moving techs and dispatchers would frequently need to slow down and re-apply filters as they navigated across Inbox. This fix aims to help users move as quickly as they'd like.
Bug Fixes and Minor Updates
  • Eliminated Duplicate Initial Inbound Messages:
    Techs viewing a new thread will no longer see a second "clone" of the initial inbound message from the contact displayed in the thread's conversation history.
  • Improved CoPilot Auto-Categorization:
    CoPilot Auto-Categorization is now less likely to "hallucinate" a non-existent "Item" value in the supplementing description copy shared when it assigns a thread to a Type.
  • Streamlined Editing in TimePad:
    Inbox users can now edit the "Work Role" and "Work Type" fields in TimePad without first pausing the timer. Previously, these fields were only available within the expanded TimePad view once the timer was stopped. This improvement eliminates the need for techs to make a "mental reminder" of future edits, speeding up workflows and reducing unnecessary TimePad edits after entries are submitted.
  • Successful Creation of Contacts with Existing Emails:
    Inbox users can now successfully create new contacts from the Contacts page if an email for that record already exists within the PSA. Previously, Thread would incorrectly display an error in this scenario suggesting that the contact existed.
  • PSA Actions Card Alignment for ConnectWise and Autotask Users:
    Subtype for ConnectWise users and Issue Sub-Type for Autotask customers now fit in the PSA Actions card as expected.
  • Improved Interface Hover Experience:
    Inbox users who hover over the members section of a thread from a smaller width screen now experience less "bouncing" of the interface.
  • Reliable Deep-Linking for ConnectWise Automate Integration:
    Partners with Thread's
    ConnectWise Automate
    integration enabled can now reliably deep-link into Automate from the Dynamic Cards sent for that integration within a thread.
  • Prevention of Non-Active Member Logins:
    Non-active members, including those with Pending status, are no longer able to log into Thread. This enhancement reduces accidental logins from MSP teammates who don't have complete PSA permissions.
  • Correct Display of Thread Source for Messenger Contacts:
    Threads created by contacts from Messenger are now less likely to be incorrectly displayed as sourced from email.
Improvement: Contact search by email
Inbox users can now search for contacts directly from the Inbox > Contacts page by entering their email addresses in the search field. Given that email serves as a widely accepted identifier for individuals, the addition of "search by email" support lets techs locate contacts and complete their tasks faster and with fewer sub-tasks.
Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • PSA Actions Card Magic🪄
    : Adding a touch of magic to your day, the PSA Actions card now expands and collapses with delightful transitions, contributing to Inbox feeling polished and responsive.
  • Improved After Hours Banner in Messenger
    : The After Hours banner in Messenger no longer remains displayed for a contact who began viewing Messenger during an After Hours window but is now engaging during normal hours.
  • Link Tool Improvement
    : The Link tool within the composer no longer auto-populates
    in the field. This update reduces the number of times fast-moving techs send a broken link because the URL they pasted in already contained that info. Here at Thread, we frequently shared out the "broken" URL "https://https//" because of this old pattern! Problem, meet solution.
  • Faster
    : Inbox users searching for users via the Mention dropdown menu can now select a highlighted user by tapping the
    key. This is a subtle update that brings Thread closer to patterns used in collaboration tools like Slack and Teams.
  • Autotask Integration Terminology Update
    : Inbox is for Autotask Partners: Inbox users with an Autotask PSA integration now see the term "Queue" used instead of "Boards" and "Issue Type" followed by "Sub-Issue Type" instead of "Type" and "Sub-type." This update aligns Inbox with the terms Autotask Partners are accustomed to and helps Inbox feel even more firmly usable for Autotask PSA Partners.
  • Reliable Syncing of New Partners' Data
    : New Partners' company and contact data from the PSA are now reliably synced with Inbox during the onboarding process.
  • Greater
    support for Slack and Teams
    : Contacts who are mentioned by another member or contact in an existing thread can now reliably view those threads within Slack or Teams.
Improved: Work Role and Work Type values now automatically populate in TimePad
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 13
TimePad in Inbox now automatically populates the Work Role and Work Type values for each thread based on the values for the PSA ticket. This update reduces the need for technicians to make multiple clicks and selections to fill in these required time entry fields. The Work Role and Work Type fields are crucial for technicians to describe the style of support provided for contacts and are commonly used for billing purposes. With this release, MSPs can more accurately charge for the value they create for their end contacts, alleviating end-of-month billing-related anxieties often faced by MSPs.
Bug fixes and minor updates
  • Duplicate Threads in Channel View
    : Inbox no longer displays duplicate threads in the channel view when an Inbox user changes the channel sort order and scrolls down quickly.
  • Progress Bar Update for Autotask PSA Customers
    : The progress bar in Inbox for a thread (commonly referred to as the "pizza tracker" by beloved users) no longer displays a second "New" step in the journey for Autotask PSA customers.
  • "Is Typing" Signal for Internal-Only Notes
    : Messenger contacts will no longer see the "is typing" signal when a tech is writing an internal-only note within Inbox. This improvement ensures a smoother experience for contacts, reducing frustration in well-engaged threads where techs frequently collaborate internally.
  • Retry Button for Network Connection Issues
    : Messenger now includes a "retry" button within the Network Connection Lost banner. This feature allows Messenger contacts to refresh the connection without reloading their application when a connection can't be established with Thread.
  • TimePad Minimized View
    : TimePad now automatically collapses into the minimized view once a time entry is submitted. This enhancement helps technicians save a click to minimize the full-height panel as they navigate into a new thread and need to see additional thread details.
  • Inbox Contact Details Card
    : Contact names no longer extend behind the crown icon within the Inbox contact details card. This improvement makes it easier to read longer contact names.
New: Build
with 'Member Name' field
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 13
Admins can now build Flows based on a new "Member Name" field, enabling them to build channels and design Flows actions based on whether threads include non-assigned member resources.
This update targets one of our most requested asks since the launch of
: Enable Service Managers to create channels that highlight conversations that members are not just direct owners of but are mentioned in as a non-assigned resource. Since technicians can be tagged to threads as resource members, and since this assignment has a more flexible and informal sense of accountability compared to the structured 'owner' role, Service Managers can now better monitor how many threads to which a tech is directly or indirectly responsible.
New: One-click copying of email and phone numbers
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 13
Inbox users can now quickly copy the contact's email and phone number to your clipboard without opening up their native Mail or phone handling app on their computer. This is a tiny adjustment that has received a ton of upvotes: Inbox users are more frequently copying information into other web-based products like Thread and are less frequently deep-linking into an installed Mail or Phone application.
Bug fixes and minor updates
  • Better CoPilot Auto-Catorizations for long threads
    : CoPilot Auto-Categorization now accurately analyzes and categorizes uniquely descriptive and text-heavy beginning threads.
  • Reliable messaging for "cc'd" Contacts
    : Messenger now more reliably displays threads for "cc'd" contacts who have been mentioned by another contact or member.
  • Consistent Sorting in Inbox and Messenger
    : Both Inbox and Messenger now consistently sort users based on whether they're members of that thread. This enhancement makes it easier to find members or contacts who are already involved in the conversation.
  • TimePad History View Highlighting
    : The TimePad history view now correctly highlights threads that have been saved externally via the "Saved external entry" dropdown option.
  • Enhanced Toggle Option in Inbox
    : Inbox users can now toggle the "Send by email" option by clicking on the text, not just the checkbox icon.
  • Improved Contributor Recognition for Ask CoPilot
    : Ask CoPilot now consistently recognizes different contributors of a thread when analyzing a thread's chat history. This improvement makes it significantly more accurate at understanding conversation flow and answering prompts about the contributors involved.
  • Chronological sort for Ask CoPilot
    : Ask CoPilot now correctly organizes previous prompts and replies in chronological order, especially for back-and-forths that happened in rapid succession.
NEW: Redesigned
and Thread Actions
and the Inbox Sidebar have undergone a complete redesign, aimed at helping technicians and dispatchers accomplish their tasks with far fewer clicks and laying the groundwork for many highly requested tools. Internally, we refer to this update as "Split the Thread", one of several upcoming releases dedicated to making Inbox more user-friendly and less overwhelming to navigate.
now lives in a dedicated card within the Inbox sidebar and away from a separate slide-out panel, helping technicians write entries without obscuring important thread context. And, tools like PSA Settings and
Similar Threads
now live in collapsible cards within the Inbox sidebar, making it easy to access and minimize out-of-view.
  • Streamlined keyboard navigation to "work a thread"
    : Time entries, PSA actions, configurations, and other right-side tools are now accessible through the tab keys, simplifying the start-to-finish journey by using just the keyboard.
  • Access TimePad customizations within Inbox
    : Users can now view previous time entries and customize properties like the Work Role field without opening an extra slide-out panel.
Besides solving for existing Inbox users, we've learned that Inbox can sometimes be overwhelming for technicians who have years of PSA experience and rely on PSA "muscle memory" to work through tickets. We're working hard to make Inbox feel simpler for techs who are well-versed in the PSA.
Improved: Auto-Pri upgraded to GPT4
We've upgraded Thread’s Auto-Prioritization to GPT-4 of Azure AI Service. This upgrade brings a significant reduction in instances where CoPilot "hallucinates" or generates incorrect priority scores with creative inventions.
Improved: Instant access to Thread Pods
New Partners now automatically get access to
Thread Pods
when their account is created and no longer need to manually request access.
Thread Pods
lets Partners integrate Thread chat into ConnectWise or Autotask as a standalone ticket widget.
is particularly beneficial for Partners who are newer to Thread and who prefer to access chat from the PSA without extensive Inbox training.
Bug fixes and minor updates
  • Enhanced Navigation for
    Deployment Assist
    Beta Feature
    : Admins utilizing the Deployment Assist beta feature can now navigate across multiple pages of content. This improvement is particularly beneficial when the integrated Microsoft Partner Center relays the dataset of more than twenty unique Microsoft Teams' accounts.
  • Reliable Email Delivery for CC'd Contacts
    : All contacts CC'd in a thread will now reliably receive emails when an Inbox member sends a message while the "Send by Email" option is selected.
  • Improved Decision-Making for Ask CoPilot
    : Ask CoPilot now consistently incorporates the current thread's chat history into its decision-making context, an important prerequisite powering Ask CoPilot as an open-ended Q&A tool within Thread.
  • Consistent Sending of Large Image Attachments
    : Large image attachments are now consistently sent when contacts begin uploading in Messenger but then quickly exit the application.
  • Closing threads After Board Change
    : Members can now consistently close threads within Inbox, even if the thread previously changed boards.
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